In Seattle for the Coffee Expo!

What a weekend!

We shipped off on the Clipper from Victoria's Inner Harbour for a jam-packed weekend at the SCA Coffee Expo in Seattle. While at the last expo, we dedicated more time to the countless topical presentations and lectures by coffee professionals from around the world, this year we opted to hunker down and go back to school.

The SCA Pathways classes never fail to impress. From honing cupping techniques to roasting every which way on a host of different roasters down in the cavernous loading bay, it was a great three solid days under the guidance of lifelong, impassioned instructors and a cohort of industry folks of all stripes. There are few better places to meet new friends, glean a lot from diverse experience and get inspired to reach higher.

And that was just the classes! We had the great pleasure to meet up with Ricardo and Katia Zelaya for beers and noodles and then again for more cupping. This father-daughter duo are making ever greater strides with their operation in Antigua, Guatemala. We look forward to visiting next year when the roasting operation is off the ground! In the meantime, it's a pleasure to be one of many industry contributors to their growing scholarship program.

Thanks to West Coast Traders for hosting a lively meet-and-greet downtown. It was a honour to meet the team from Peru Norte and learn more about their innovative agricultural practices. That was but one beer-and-chat in a weekend teeming with coffee talk. Can't wait for next year!