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Coffee is a global effort. It is a privilege to forge relationships and extend our community along the supply chain as much as possible. With your help and patronage, Foglifter Coffee Roasters is able to create an impact, however small, on the lives of colleagues in our area and around the world. We thank you for supporting our passions and those of our partners.  



We were introduced to the prized coffees of this fourth generation coffee producer through our shop, Bean Around The World - Main & 20th. Inspired by a trip to the Zelaya farms, the Bean Roastery worked with Ricardo to build a schoolhouse at their remote farm, Finca Carrizal, way back in 2008 and have continued to support the growing school program ever since.

As entrepreneurs, they are tireless in the pursuit to do more. From agricultural innovations to eco-friendly, meticulous processing facilities to community advocacy and philanthropy, the care the Zelaya family takes with their life's work is energizing and inspiring.

It was an honour to kick off Foglifter Coffee Roasters with an ongoing commitment to the scholarship program conceived by Ricardo and now spearheaded by his daughters Katia and Bel. By being nimble and adaptive with their support, the program is able to pour fuel on the educational efforts that Finca Santa Clara employees are making for their children - be it public, private, secondary or post-secondary.

While in Guatemala in the spring of 2018, I was able to chat with Katia who relayed that among the 30 recipients there are four in university, among them one to be an accountant, another an architect. I asked to what degree was the fund transformative for them. "One hundred percent." was Katia's instantaneous response, leaving no doubt that the cost of higher education is indeed prohibitive for the recipients' families.

We thank Katia and Bel for their dedication to the growth of this program. Working alongside their Dad, they are bringing on the fifth generation of Ricardo Zelaya Coffee (as well as playing a prominent role in the rising young female entrepreneurship era in Guatemala) with amazing vision and verve.


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Introducing the Foglifter Scholarship Class of 2019



Our efforts in support of Coffee Kids began in the fall of 2017 as part of a school fundraising initiative with École Cobble Hill in the Cowichan Valley and has expanded to two schools now in 2018.

One part school fundraiser, one part coffee origin youth-entrepreneurship incubator, our partnership with Coffee Kids is designed to use a run-of-the-mill fundraising campaign to draw a connection between the coffee your parents drink and the lives of young people in other places around the world.

Working with Joanna Furgiuele in New York, Foglifter has devised a coffee subscription program that sees proceeds from each bag of coffee sold going to directly to our local elementary schools’ PAC and a portion being committed to the Coffee Kids program - helping to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit of youth in Colombia, Tanzania, and the Trifinio region of Central America.

The hope is that through this connection, curiosity reigns, the Coffee Kids programs are a little more enriched, and that Cowichan Valley students are introduced to and draw inspiration and motivation from the ingenuity and drive of these young innovators.

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“In life, we must learn to face our challenges and become self-sufficient.
Only once I am independent can I truly serve my community.”

Jorge, age 24 - Quinchia, Risaralda, Colombia