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Last year, while cruising Instagram, an image passed by that I couldn’t forget. Dreamy and beautifully composed, this coastal scene was lingering so I doubled back to reach out to the photographer.

Boy, am I glad I did. On the other end of my inquiry was 16 year old photographer and Mill Bay resident, Lucas Morton. It’s a lovely treat when the people whose work you admire are down to earth and approachable. When they are also professional, genial, obliging, and in grade10, it’s an awakening.

This young man has earned his audience and certainly doesn’t need me to shine a light, but you’ll want to start tuning into his work now, while he’s still shooting and writing about where we live.

After the Paper Boy and I met him on the doorstep of his lovely family home, greeted with a warm smile and a couple of firm handshakes, we left with both an immaculately framed print and a glimpse of someone my young son (and I!) could look up to - a humble, thoughtful artist confidently pursuing his craft with passion.

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